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The Making of Europe: A geological history

Graham Park

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25 Sep 2014
Dunedin Academic Press
164 pages - 260 x 200mm
The continent of Europe, as a recognisable geographic entity, attained roughly its present shape around 20 million years ago. Even since then, the European coastline has undergone significant changes, due mainly to sea-level movements, to form the outline of the continent that we are familiar with from maps and the photographs of Europe from space that we view today.

Graham Park relates how Europe has been assembled through geological time by the accretion of various distinct geological components, some of which have travelled a considerable distance across the globe to reach their present positions.

The Making of Europe is a book for all those curious about the origins, variety and geological history of the continent of Europe. Why are there such distinct regions and landscapes, ranging from the wide plains of Northern Europe to the mountains of the South?

Although some previous knowledge of geology will be useful, important geological concepts are explained in the Introduction, technical terms are kept to a minimum and a comprehensive glossary is provided in addition to an index. Copiously illustrated in colour, this book will educate and inform all those who are interested in European geology.
List of illustrations; Sourced illustrations; Preface; 1 Introduction; 2 The construction of Baltica – ‘Proto-Europe’; 3Lower Paleozoic growth of Proto-Europe; 4 The Caledonian Orogeny; 5 The Expansion of Europe in the Upper Paleozoic; 6 The Hercynian Orogenic Cycle; 7 Europe in Mesozoic to Mid-Cenozoic time; 8 The Alpine Orogeny; 9 Neogene to Quaternary Europe. Glossary. Appendix. Further Reading. Index.
Graham Park is Emeritus Professor of Tectonic Geology at the University of Keele and the author of the popular books Introducing Geology and Introducing Tectonics, Rock Structures and Mountain Belts also published by Dunedin Academic Press.
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