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Scottish Fossils

Nigel Trewin

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21 Feb 2013
Dunedin Academic Press
128 pages - 217 x 217mm
Scotland boasts some of the most famous fossil localities in the world, and for a small country, has a remarkable fossil record with almost every period of geological time represented by Scottish localities. These localities provide snapshots of the plants and animals that have inhabited Scotland through deep time. They range from the superb fossil fish of Caithness and Angus that inspired early palaeontologists such as Hugh Miller, almost two centuries ago during the birth of the science, to modern discoveries such as dinosaurs of the Isle of Skye, and ancient amphibians and scorpions from central Scotland. Nigel Trewin provides a virtual museum of more than 100 of the most scientifically important, interesting, and, at times, controversial fossils for which Scotland is well known. Many of the specimens involve interesting stories about their famous finders and their theories on geological time. Specimens have also been chosen to present a wide range of fossil plants and animals. The examples included in this book are chosen both from public museums and from private collections, brought together in a celebration of Scottish fossils. Many of the specimens illustrated are exceptionally rare, even unique, and are normally hidden from public view. Other examples include more common fossils that any collector may hold a reasonable expectation of finding. Fossil fish may be picked up at Achanarras Quarry in Caithness, ammonites and belemnites are found on Skye and at Helmsdale, while brachiopods and crinoids are common on Bishop Hill in Kinross. This book will appeal to all with an interest in fossils and the history of life on Earth.
Acknowledgements ; Guide to information given for each fossil; Introduction; Bacteria: Stromatolite; Oncolites. Algae: Palaeonitella. Plants: Parka; Rhynia; Asteroxylon; Stigmaria; Lepidodendron; Neuropteris; Calamites; Mariopteris; Ptillophyllum; Zamia; Macculloch's tree; Platanites. Sponge:Ventriculites. Corals: Syringopora; Lithostrotion; Koninckophyllum; Isastraea; Conularia (Jellyfish?). Worms: Palaeonema; Serpula. Bryozoa: Fenestella. Brachiopods: Lingula; Leptaena; Schuchertella; Gigantoproductus; Spirifer; Brachiopod. Mollusca - Cephalopods: Cycloceras; Cravenoceras; Coroniceras; Dactylioceras; Ludwigia; Pictonia; Cylindroteuthis; Megateuthis. Mollusca - Bivalves: Poldevicia; Gryphaea; Hippopodium; Pseudopecten; Goniomya; Lithophaga. Mollusca - Gastropods: Maclurea; Euphemites. Echinodermata: Aulechinus; Holaster; Dendrocystoides; Stenaster; Lepyriactis; Cupulocrinus; Crinoid ossicles; Woodocrinus; Tubulusocrinus. Graptolites: Dicellograptus; Climacograptus; Monograptus. Arthropods: Olenellus; Lonchodomas; Proetidella; Calyptaulax; Encrinurus; Erretopterus; Pterygotus; Pulmonoscorpius; Archidesmus; Palaeocharinus; Tealliocaris; Palaemysis; Estheria; Idoptilus. Vertebrata - Fish: Clydagnathus; Jamoytius; Birkenia; Zenaspis; Ischnacanthus; Climatius; Coccosteus; Pterichthyodes; Palaeospondylus; Dipterus; Holoptychius; Cheirolepis; Rhizodus; Akmonistion. Vertebrata - Amphibians: Elginerpeton; Amphibian; Balanerpeton; Pederpes; Westlothiana. Vertebrata - Reptiles: Gordonia; Elginia; Stagonolepis; Leptopleuron; Cetiosaur. Vertebrata - Mammals: Mammoth; Lynx. Trace fossils: Skolithos; Dictyodora; Beaconites; Diplichnites; Siskemia; Chelichnus; Dinosaur track. Image Credits and Specimen locations. References. Biological Index: Fossil and modern organisms. Gazetteer.
Nigel Trewin has over 50 years' experience of fossils from childhood collecting to teaching and research at Aberdeen University and National Museums, Scotland. He has published scientific papers on the ancient plants and animals of the Rhynie chert of Aberdeenshire, and the fossil fish of Angus and Caithness.

‘Nigel Trewin’s latest book is an unashamed celebration of fossils drawing on the rich variety to be found in Scotland… At £30 this is not a cheap book but the plethora of colour illustrations justifies the cost. It is no mean feat to bring together such a collection of top-quality photographs covering Scotland’s fossil record, 104 entries on a ‘one of everything’ basis and most of Trewin’s selection is splendid. Some examples are quite extraordinary… The descriptions accompanying the individual fossil illustrations, and the introduction to each taxonomic grouping, are clear and informative…. Anyone with an interest in Life’s extraordinary exuberance through geological time will love this book – and it is a welcome antidote to the usual granite & gneiss’ view of Scotland’s geology…’ The Edinburgh Geologist

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