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Introducing Natural Resources

Graham Park

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10 Dec 2015
Dunedin Academic Press
117 pages - 217 x 217 x 6mm
Introducing Earth and Environmental Sciences
Over the many millennia that the human race has inhabited our planet, a use has been found for almost everything that is to be found on it. However, since the Industrial Revolution, many of the resources that we have come to rely on are being depleted, some at an alarming rate. Misuse of others, such as fossil fuels, is causing such damage to the environment that measures are being taken at an international level to restrict their use
Introducing Natural Resources explains how the natural resources of the Earth originated, by outlining the astronomical and geological evolution of the planet in the early period of its existence. The genesis, mode of occurrence, and abundance of the various non-renewable mineral resources are described, together with the methods of extraction, extent of reserves, and any environmental problems. The use of renewable resources, such as solar energy, air, and water, are then discussed, together with plant and animal life, which are renewable resources only if properly managed. The book concludes with a summary of future issues in resource management.
Copiously illustrated, this book is intended for those whose interest in natural resources has been stimulated, perhaps by media coverage of declining resources or environmental pollution, and who want to better understand the issues involved. Technical terms are kept to a minimum and are explained in a glossary.
List of illustrations. Sourced illustrations. Preface. 1; Introduction; 2: Origin and early history of the Earth; 3: Redistribution and concentration of mineral resources; 4: Types of ore deposit I; 5: Metallic mineral resources; 6: Metallic mineral resources; 7: Resources of non-metallic elements; 8: Rocks as an economic resource; 9: Non-renewable energy resources; 10: Atmosphere, oceans, and biosphere; 11: Renewable energy resources; 12: Protecting the Planet. Glossary. Appendix. Selected further reading. Index.
Graham Park is Emeritus Professor of Tectonic Geology at the University of Keele and has proved a successful author of introductory earth science books including the popular Introducing Geology in this series.
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